Q. Do you know what a Mom & a Healthcare worker have in common?

A. They both pour their life out for those around them.


If there was ever a time to treat the mom friend or health worker in your life, that time would be now!

Every Mom, no matter if she works inside or outside the home, is wearing more hats than ever and working overtime to make everything happen for their family!


Q. Are you a Mom or Healthcare worker

or do you know one?

Have you asked yourself what you can do for them during this time to encourage them?


Many extrovert mamas and healthcare workers out there need some love during this time, and this Self Care Box is the perfect way to do that!



A lot of your friends are stuck at home, and if you want to give them something you have to chuck it at the door and get back in your car and drive away, since we are all supposed to be separated.


I have something amazing!


All those extroverted friends of yours (maybe some introverts too!) they are craving some one-on-one attention. And because we can’t go into their houses, I’m going to send you a box of sunshine and send your friends one too so you can feel more connected. 


When you open the package it will bring you joy and being you comfort. It will remind you of your friend sending this to you.


I know you are my extroverted sister & we are big time getting antsy & missing talking to people and having that connection!