About Us


Hey, hey! I am Cristina & Mom to these two little munchkins.

I’m blonde, overly friendly, I forget my keys everywhere, leave my phone in the fridge, & go run errands with my kids with 1% battery life (my sweet husband helps me keep my phone charged & on me).

When I became a first-time Mom, a sweet, older Mom friend (shout-out to Cindy!) brought be some chocolate covered almonds. They were delicious! I kept those things by my bedside and thought about Cindy’s care as I recovered and during 2am wake ups when feeding my baby. I felt so loved! She didn’t bring anything for the baby or flock to see my baby which she certainly cared about too, but she showed she cared about ME, and let me know I was not overlooked or forgotten.

When my friends started getting pregnant and that season of having babies, I paid it forward and loved to put a bunch of goodies in a basket to bring to them for those critical, sometimes emotional days following birth.   

I usually included some cute pjs or a satin robe, fuzzy socks, lip balm, maybe an eye mask or hydrating some face masks. Just items for them that would communicate, amid the beautiful caos & confusion of this time in your life, you are seen, heard, known, safe, and cared for.

And that is how I developed the Self-Care Mama Box! The difference between these boxes and subscription boxes is that it doesn’t require the monthly commitment that a subscription box does. It is much easier on your wallet since we all know Mom life already includes many expenses, and you don’t have to stress or worry about trying to rememeber to cancel your subscription because you only wanted a one-time thing in the first place (been there & my husband was not thrilled about the bill we racked up!)

Our lives get so busy these days we often forget those small acts of kindness that can make each other’s day. Well good news! You can also schedule a box to be sent to your friends around the time you know/think they will be having their babies, and it can ve delivered to their home or hospital room (the next best thing to you being there in person!) You can also order one for yourself or to gift someone near you & can deliver it yourself as well!

There are areas of a woman’s life that tend to get neglected during the parenting years when we are in the thick of raising kids. I lovr that mama self care is not about taking care of yourself in a selfish way, this is about being the healthiest you,  making sure you aren’t neglecting your own needs, so you are healthy and better able to love and care for those in your life.

My favorite thing about this Self Care Mom Box is that 10% of all profits go to single Moms around the world. Talk about women supporting women! It doesn’t get better than that.  My sweet husband was raised by a single Mom and she did an amazing job so this is a subject close to my heart. Thank you for caring!